She is a Beast – Forthcoming, APEP Publications



“Her Suggestions” – Forthcoming, Thrice Fiction Magazine

“His Bones are My Cage” – Forthcoming, Persephone’s Daughters

Excerpt from “Ecdysis” – Forthcoming, The Last Petal

“Siren Song” – Forthcoming, Fiddler’s Green All Fiction Issue

*Previously published in Vamp Cat Magazine

“A Witch’s Lullaby to Her Unborn Child”Occulum, October 2019

“Overdone Meat”Occulum, October 2019

“Ecdysis”Corvid Queen, October 2019

“Patience. Courage. Strength” – Honey & Lime, October 2019

“Memory Game” Quail Bell Magazine, October 2019

“The Mark” Coffin Bell Journal, October 2019

“elle avoit vû le loup”Detritus Online, October 2019

“What Happens When the Ride Stops”Digging Through the Fat, September 2019

“Bedroom Predator”Pussy Magic, July 2019

*Nominated Best of the Net 2019

“Siren Song”Vamp Cat Magazine, July 2019

“A Cow Jumping Over the Moon”Thimble Literary Magazine, June 2019

*Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2019

“A Woman’s Curse”Ellipsis Zine, June 2019

“A Husband by Midnight”Queen Mob’s Tea House, May 2019

*Nominated Best of the Net 2019

“Sleeping Beauty”Rosette Maleficarum, April 2019

“The Place Where You Let the Devil In”Tiny Flames Press, December 2018

“The Fingernail”Spitfire Literary Magazine, December 2018

“Helena”Five 2 One Magazine, August 2018

“That Sweet, Tender, Fleshy Spot”Ink & Voices, March 2018

“The Siren of the Wailing Lake” Leopardskin & Limes, February 2018

“Becoming a Beast”Twisted Sister Lit Mag, April 2017

“Snow White” – Supposed Crimes, March 2017


Creative Nonfiction/Essays

“Planting the Seed of Community with a Local Bookstore”Quail Bell Magazine, November 2019

“Man’s Image”The Bridge Magazine, April 2019

“Health Class Didn’t Teach Me About Rape” – HerStry, January 2019

“Upside Down Monster”Rhythm & Bones, December 2018

“The Magic of A Voodoo Reading & Marriage Blessing”Mookychick, November 2018

“A Visit to Savannah, Georgia Made Me Believe in Ghosts”Mookychick, June 2018

“Midnight Masturbation”Persephone’s Daughters, May 2018

“Natural Disaster”HerStry, March 2018

“Exposure”Across the Margin, May 2017

*Nominated Best Nonfiction 2017


Film Adaptation of Work

“A Microchip Bride on Her Wedding Day” – Jerks Productions, October 2019


Interviews & Book Reviews

“A Review of Monstrosity by Laura Diaz de Arce” Rag Queen Periodical, March 2019

“A Review of Three Gothic Stories by Thursday Simpson”Rag Queen Periodical, March 2019

“Of Continents and Loss”Rag Queen Periodical, August 2018

“A World of Unfulfilled Fairy Tales” – Rag Queen Periodical, August 2018

“Creating my own Success”Zero Flash, August 2017

“We Can Take the Power Back”Rag Queen Periodical, July 2017

“Jeanne Holtzman’s Maybe Even Wanton is an Unexpected Journey” Rag Queen Periodical, June 2017

“Diana Kirk’s First Essay Collection is the Realest” Rag Queen Periodical, May 2017