Witch Path

For the better part of the last decade, Christina has been exploring the witch path. She is a pagan, with a focus on tarot, candle magic, intention setting, glamour magic, ritual, and goddess worship. Since 2019, they have offered workshops on magic and word witchery. Christina’s goal is to enlighten writers, witches, and those curious about art and magic about the intersection of witchcraft and creative acts. They lead a variety of workshops on tarot and writing, such as Writing the Fool’s Journey, as well as courses that focus on the archetype of the witch, such as Re-Imagining the Witch and She is a Beast: Writing the Monstrous Female. Christina seeks to make both the witch path and creative writing accessible to anyone interested; all of her classes are crafted to be meaningful for both the novice and the experienced.

If classes aren’t your vibe or you’re looking to dive into divination and self-care, Christina offers intuitive tarot readings that are queer, sex, and death-positive. It’s of the utmost importance for her to create a safe, magical space to explore a specific question or moment in your life. Readings are offered in person or via Zoom. You can book a reading with them at the link below!